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A Milan Fashion Week #todayimet Moment with @tamumcpherson and @olimpiazagnoli

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On day one of Fashion Week, Tamu McPherson (@tamumcpherson) and Olimpia Zagnoli (@olimpiazagnoli) — both longtime residents of Milan — got together for the first time for a #todayimet moment. “When Tamu came to my studio, her smile radiated the room,” says Olimpia, an illustrator whose color combinations are bold and unconventional. “We talked about art, life and Spanx. I feel like she’s representing a strong, inspirational model of femininity.” Tamu, a journalist and style blogger, has long been a fan of the illustrator. “Olimpia’s style is bright, colorful, intelligent and imparts a real sense of humor and joy that comes across in the photos she shares,” Tamu says. “The energy is inspiring, stimulating and uplifting.”

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