instagram: Babushka Street Style, with @oldushka_ To see more...
instagram:   Babushka Street Style, with @oldushka_
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“The flamboyancy of many characters in this project goes against the typical perception of the old people in our country,” says 28-year-old Russian photographer Igor Gavar (@gavarigor). Stopping anyone on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg who catches his eye, Igor strikes up a conversation with the subjects of his photographs for his style account @oldushka_. Over time many of the models have become friends and returning subjects of his photos. “The project shows how beautiful and unique common people are,” he says. “It proves that the babushka in her headscarf also has something to do with style and good taste.”

In addition to his parents, Igor was raised by two grandmothers, a great-aunt and a great-grandmother, which he says fostered an ease of communication with people of the older generation. He describes the project as an attempt to enrich people’s perceptions of senior citizens in an authentic way, recording their thoughts and conversations as well as their flair for style. “Ultimately, @oldushka_ is about the diversity of the sunset years,” he says.
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