instagram: Passing on the Tradition of Lion Dancing
instagram:  Passing on the Tradition of Lion Dancing with @3keung
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The Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Sheep this week, and lion dances are one of the many symbolic traditions observed during the holiday. The centuries old colorful and acrobatic performance has its origins in China, and is carried on today by dancers like Jerry Keung (@3keung), who has devoted most of his life to mastering the art.

Starting his training at age three and becoming a lion dancer at 16, Jerry now coaches a lion dance team in Hong Kong. “The Chinese lion dance has close relations to kung fu,” he explains. “To become a dancer, you will have to enhance kung fu skills like breath control, fluidity of movements, agility and solidness, mental clarity and relaxation. It takes a very long time.” In addition to coaching, Jerry also hosts public workshops to keep the tradition alive. “Lion dance represents China and Chinese culture — it’s also a piece of art.”
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